About Me

325x325-2014Hi! My name is Chad. I am currently rooted in Pittsburgh, PA and I enjoy baking, cooking and being crafty when I am not being a geek as a web developer. I am addicted to Pinterest. My Kitchenaid stand mixer and Vitamix blender gets about as much of a work out as the keyboard on my MacBook.

It is difficult for me to pick one thing that I would call my favorite. I enjoy Asian, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Polish, German, American, Spanish and Mexican. From simple grilled cheese with bacon and tomato to Bolognese and shamishi, its all so tasty to me. I love trying new recipes and making food for other people.

Food is a marvelous and special thing. It can transform us into giddy children remembering times gone by. It can create lasting memories with that special someone in your life. It can help get you through the dark and low points in our lives. The quickest way to put a smile on someones face is to show up with their favorite dish in hand. Whether you are making a simple bologna sandwich or  a full spread for a holiday meal, remember, food is the vessel that can take you any place you want to go.